Concise Beam Beta Test Release

Before releasing a significant upgrade to Concise Beam a beta test version will often be released. This beta release allows the user to preview the changes to be made in the next commercial release. The users then have an opportunity to comment on the changes and report any problems or suggested improvements. Beta releases are for testing and preview purposes only and should not be used for production work.

A beta release of Concise Beam will install in the same way as a commercial release and will require the same license key to be installed. The beta release will install in a separate directory to the commercial release so that you can have both installed on your computer. As with commercial releases, new beta releases will install over top of previous beta test release. A beta release will include it's own library directory. If you have custom libraries that you would like to test with the beta release you should copy them to the beta release library directory. It is not recommended for the beta release to use the normal commercial library directory.

The file formats used by a beta release may differ from the formats used by the current commercial release. All beta releases should be able to read files from the current commercial release. Therefore any files that you edit or create with the beta release may not be usable with the current commercial release. Files created by a certain beta release may also not work with a previous beta release or with the subsequent commercial release that results from the beta test process.

Please send me a report of any problems with the beta release, or any suggestions you may have. I would also like to hear if you are happy with the beta release changes so that I know that I am heading in the right direction. Your report should include the beta release version number, version of Windows, and any problem or library files that illustrate problems.

Download the Current Beta Test Release - Version 4.61 beta 3

Known Issues with Beta Release 3

  • Tutorials need to be completed.
  • Verification Suite needs to be updated.

Significant Changes in Concise Beam Version 4.61

  • Added additional shoring options including discrete shoring points.
  • Added optional limits to the travel of the moving load.
  • Completed the maximization/minimization of load effects and the tracking of corresponding load effects.
  • A new file format has been created for the problem files to accommodate additional data.
  • Added facility to generate a new parametric section.
  • Added facility to trim a section to width or height.
  • Added indication of design check warnings to the graphs.
  • Warnings are now distinguished from notes in text reports by using a capital letter.
  • Added option to only check non-composite section for vertical shear.
  • Various additions to the Summary Report.
  • Added kg and tonnes (t) to the list of Metric (MKS) force units for non-SI users.
  • Added warnings that large openings in beam may be outside the scope of Concise Beam.
  • Added ability to define arcs in the text-based precast section import files.
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