Concise Beam V4 Features

Beam Layouts

  • Single simply-supported beam
  • Cantilevers at one or both ends
  • Analyze any user defined cross-section
  • All standardized loads, load cases, and combinations
  • Moving Loads, including highway live loads
  • Load distribution (including PCI hollowcore distribution)
  • Cast-in-place pour (topping or deck) definition with haunch
  • Shoring of Cast-in-place pour (point or continuous)

Reinforcement Options:

  • Reinforced precast concrete beams
  • Full or partially-prestressed (pre-tensioned) precast concrete beams
  • Deflected, cut, and debonded tendons
  • Strand transfer and development options available

Design Codes

  • American standard ACI 318-19
  • American standard ACI 318-14
  • American standard ACI 318-11
  • American standard ACI 318-08
  • American standard ACI 318-05
  • American standard ACI 318-02
  • American standard ACI 318-99
  • Canadian standard CSA A23.3-19
  • Canadian standard CSA A23.3-14
  • Canadian standard CSA A23.3-04
  • Canadian standard CSA A23.3-94
  • Canadian standard CAN/CSA S6-19
  • Canadian standard CAN/CSA S6-14
  • Canadian standard CAN/CSA S6-06S1-10
  • Australian standard AS 3600-2018
  • Australian standard AS 3600-2009
  • Australian standard AS 3600-2001
  • New Zealand standard NZ 3101.1:05
  • Customize each code, and work in metric or U.S. Customary (Imperial) units

Advanced Engineering Capability

  • Uses detailed methods whenever appropriate
  • Strain-compatibility section analysis accounting for slippage and rupture
  • Lateral stability check of tall girders during lifting and transport
  • Shear check of hollowcore with filled cores
  • Strand and rebar slippage and over-strain check
  • Cracked section analysis
  • Transfer, lifting, and final stress analysis
  • Shored construction options
  • Torsion analysis
  • Interface shear design check
  • Deflection, camber, bearing movement estimates
  • Maximum crack width estimate
  • PCI Vibration Analysis for Walking and Rhythmic Activity
  • Follows recognized methods as used in the PCI Design Handbook, CPCI Metric Design Manual, and the NPCAA Precast Concrete Handbook.
  • Concise Beam is NOT able to perform any analysis or design checks required for disturbed regions (ACI D-region) such as at sudden changes in section, large openings, notches, or dapped ends.


  • Easy-to-read on-screen user's manual and context-sensitive help
  • Design tutorials and examples
  • Work in metric or U.S. Customary (Imperial) units (switch back and forth at any time)
  • Save most settings as defaults
  • Generate and edit concrete cross-sections
  • Graphical section editor for refining cross-section
  • Results output in text reports and graphs
  • Comprehensive summary report of input and results
  • Full technical support
  • Regular program upgrades included with license
  • Exceptional responsiveness to user comments and suggestions

Computer Requirements

  • A computer capable of running native Microsoft Windows 7 or later
  • A video card compatible with Microsoft Windows OpenGL (recommended)
  • Supports any printer installed under Microsoft Windows
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