Concise Beam Educational License Application

This application is for use by educational institution faculty only. Students must obtain a license key through their faculty. The applicant must be a full-time faculty member with an email address provided by the institution. Note that due to the large number of false applications I receive, I may not reply to any applications that I believe are not eligible. I am also not able to provide technical or educational support to students using Concsie Beam under an educational or evaluation license. Students should obtain support from their faculty teachers or supervisors.

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* Required fields. The e-mail address must be associated with the institution listed above (i.e. commercial and generic accounts, such Hotmail and GMail, are not acceptable). Your e-mail address will be used to receive your license and any future announcements. Please inform me in the future of any changes to this address.

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Selecting "E-Mail License Application" below will e-mail this application form to Black Mint Software. Black Mint will respond to your application by e-mail to the address you provide above. If approved, you will receive your license key with this e-mail including instructions on how to install the key. This application is intended for faculty only, so that they may control their students' access to the program to suit their course studies. The key can be used to install Concise Beam on any machine within the institution used by the faculty or students. License keys are not to be provided directly to the students.

Use of Concise Beam with the educational license is subject to the conditions of the Concise Beam end-user license agreement.

The educational license is valid until the end of July each year at which time it will stop working. You will be able to obtain a new license at that time for the next academic year.

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