Concise Beam V4 Commercial License Pricing and Ordering

Concise Beam V4 is sold and serviced in English through www.BlackMint.com. Black Mint Software only sells licenses directly to the end user using the order form links below. Concise Beam is not sold through resellers or distributors.

The following licensing, price, and discount options are for Concise Beam version 4 as developed and marketed by Black Mint Software and may change without advance notice. The use of Concise Beam licenses must be in conformance with the Concise Beam End-User License Agreement.

Concise Beam is available by download from www.BlackMint.com. After installation you are free to use Concise Beam for evaluation purposes for 30 days. You are then required to purchase a license key code to activate the downloaded software for commercial use. I would recommend that you download and install Concise Beam to take full advantage of it's evaluation period before ordering a license. Please note that since there is no effective way to return an electronic license key code I can not offer a money-back guarantee. Use the evaluation period to ensure yourself that Concise Beam satisfies your requirements.

I do Concise Beam license keys are only sold directly to my customer, the end user. I do not sell through distributors or resellers. I do not reply to requests for quotations from resellers and do not offer reseller discounts.not ship a packaged version of Concise Beam. To obtain Concise Beam, including documentation, simply download it from this web site. Due to the frequency of updates to the software it is impracticable for me to package the program.

Software Resellers or Distributors

Concise Beam licenses are only sold directly to my customers, the ends users. I do not sell Concise Beam licenses through distributors or resellers. I do not provide quotations or discounts to resellers.

Full License

Order Form

Full License Initial Price = $1800* (single user)

The price of a full single-user license includes one (1) year of technical support and upgrades. The license allows a single concurrent user to use Concise Beam at a single network location (plant, office, etc). Concise Beam uses a peer-to-peer network license management system to allow multiple users to share the license at a single location (network) without the need for a server installation. Additional users and locations can be added to your license at discounted prices (see below). After the first year, the license can be renewed annually to maintain receipt of technical support and program upgrades. The annual renewal includes technical support and upgrades for one (1) additional year from your last expiry date. The current cost to renew a license that is less than 6 months past it's last expiry date is $360* for a single-user license. Licenses that have expired more than 6 months earlier can also be renewed with an additional fee depending on how long the license has been expired. A full license will work indefinitely with any version of Concise Beam released before the expiry date of the license. Additional users may be added at a discount to a full license (see below).

Short-Term License

Order Form

90 Day License = $550*

180 Day License = $1000*

270 Day License = $1400*

The price of a short-term license above includes technical support and upgrades within the period of the license. At the end of the license period the program will time-out and cease to function. Short-term licenses are sold for single users only, therefore multi-user discounts do not apply. A short-term license can be upgraded to full license within the period of the short-term license. The cost of the short-term license will be credited against the cost of the full license.

* Canadian Dollars plus tax in Canada, US Dollars outside of Canada. Prices may change without advance notice.

Multi-User License Discounts

1st user in License = no discount

2nd, 3rd & 4th user in License = 50% discount

5th and subsequent user in License = 75% discount

Black Mint is happy to offer discounts for adding additional users to a full license. The application of the multi-user discount will be based on the current number of users that have been kept up-to-date with the annual license renewal. Users can be added to a license at any time in the future. A single license key will be issued for each multi-user license. The license key will be encoded with the current number of users purchased for that license.

Concise Beam uses a peer-to-peer license management system to allow users to share a license across a network without the need for a server installation. The number of users who can use Concise Beam concurrently will be limited to the number of users encoded in the license key.

A multi-user license can allow you to share a license with other locations (networks) within your business entity. The number of current users encoded in the license key must be at least equal to the number of locations (networks) at which the license is used. Concise Beam is not available for a server-based installation. A multi-user license cannot be used to share a license between different business entities (e.g. a precaster and a consultant).

These discounts apply to both the initial purchase price of Concise Beam version 4 and to annual license renewals (based on the number of users being renewed).

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