Concise Beam Support

Black Mint Software provides technical support for all Concise Beam users with a current license. We also provide technical support to users of the evaluation version of Concise Beam. Users with expired licenses can also contact us for help, though since we can only support the latest release of Concise Beam our ability to help may be limited. Concise Beam is serviced in English through www.BlackMint.com. We do not provide telephone support.

If you have any questions/comments about Concise Beam or your license you may e-mail us at,

TH Email Address (17K)

Prior to contacting us for support please ensure that you have downloaded and installed the latest release of Concise Beam. We can only support this latest release. If you are questioning the calculated results then please recheck your input and perform at least minimal hand calculations to confirm and illustrate the problem. You may be asked to provide these calculations.

When contacting us by e-mail please provide us with the following;

  • Your license holder name (which you can see in the Title and License dialog in the Define menu), or note that you are evaluating the program,
  • The version of Windows you are using (i.e. Windows 7 or 10),
  • A detailed description of the problem you are having, including a sequence of steps leading up to your problem, if appropriate, and
  • Attach any Concise Beam problem files that may illustrate your problem, if appropriate.

In order to prevent our return emails from being caught in your SPAM filter please ask your IT people to add BlackMint.com to your White list. You should also add our email address to your address book.

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