Concise Beam V4 Download, Evaluation and Distribution

Concise Beam V4 is distributed by download from this web site (about 15 Mb in size). All documentation is provided electronically with the program for viewing on-screen. The documentation can be printed as required by the user.

After downloading and installing Concise Beam it will work for 30 days as an unlicensed Evaluation Version. This lets you try it out before buying it. To continue to use Concise Beam after the evaluation period you must purchase a license and obtain a license key from Black Mint to unlock the program. The Evaluation Version may be installed on your system only once. Since the Evaluation Version can be used for 30 days RETURNS OR REFUNDS FOR SOFTWARE LICENSES CANNOT BE GRANTED. Please use the Evaluation Version of the software to carefully evaluate the software, as well as any and all available product information, before making your purchase. Black Mint will only replace license keys. Replacement keys can only be sent to the registered contact/user.

If you already have an up-to-date license key installed for Concise Beam, or are still within the evaluation period, then you can download and install the latest release of Concise Beam. The new installation will use the already installed license key. Installing the latest release will not reset or extend your evaluation period. You do not need to install any previous versions of Concise Beam before installing this latest release. CLOSE ANY INSTANCES OF CONCISE BEAM BEFORE INSTALLING A NEWER VERSION.

Download the Current Commercial Release - Version 4.66i

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Commercial Release History

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