Concise Beam V4 Commercial License Order Form

Ordering Concise Beam V4 is a two stage process. Please fill out the following Contact Information and Order Details forms. You will not be asked to pay at this time. Sending this information to Black Mint Software will allow me to verify your discounts and applicable taxes. I will then invoice you by e-mail for payment. The license key will be sent to you when payment is completed. You can see a draft of your invoice below.

I accept payment by credit card or transfer through PayPal. A PayPal account is not required to pay by credit card. I also accept payment by bank transfer or cheque, international money order, or draft, drawn on a Canadian or US bank. Purchase orders are not accepted as payment.

Please note that I do not ship a packaged version of Concise Beam. To obtain Concise Beam, including documentation, simply download the software from this web site. Due to the frequency of updates to the software it is impracticable for me to package the program.

If you have any trouble using this form please send me an e-mail with your order details.

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Order Details

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  1. 90 Day Short-Term License 1
  2. 180 Day Short-Term License 1
  3. 270 Day Short-Term License 1
  4. Full License 2

How many users? (full license only)

1 Short-term licenses include all software updates and technical support within the period of the license. Short-term licenses stop working when the period expires. Single user only.

2 Full licenses include one year of software updates and technical support. Full licenses do NOT expire and give you the option to extend the updates and technical support annually after the first year for an additional annual fee. Multiple concurrent users.

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Order Submission Instructions

Selecting "Submit Order Form" below will e-mail this order form to Black Mint Software. After checking your order, Black Mint will respond to the e-mail address you provide above with an invoice detailing the order cost and payment options available. Please do not send payment before receiving this invoice. The license key will be e-mailed to you when payment is finalized. If you haven't already done so you can download Concise Beam below before selecting "E-Mail Order Form".

Any Additional Comments

If you have any trouble using this form please send me an e-mail with your order details.

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